National Cyber Security Centre: Dutch involvement in Cyber Capacity Building (CCB): a combined pragmatic approach

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Coordinated by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this project implemented by the the Netherlands National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL) focuses on skills and knowledge exchange through presentations, visits, trainings (specifically for CSIRTs/CERTs), which will lead to a visible impact in the Western Balkans, Southern Africa and Asia-Pacific.



This project aims at providing knowledge and skills cyber capacity to countries in Western Balkans, Asia-Pacific and Southern Africa.


Prior to 2021 the focus of the NCSC with regards to cyber capacity building (CCB) was mostly on awareness raising and strengthening initiatives of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE).

This project will be part of the implementation of the cyber capacity building goals of the Dutch government. Based on identified focus regions and strategic goals, the NCSC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) will closely cooperate in implementing CCB activities – mostly information and knowledge sharing initiatives.


Through presentations, visits, trainings (specifically for CSIRTs/CERTs), this project will strengthen will promote skills and knowledge exchange in CCB amongst the beneficiary countries.

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