A four-day regional Forum on Cyber security for the Americas Region was organized in Bogota-Colombia from 3 to 5 August 2015 at the kind invitation of the Ministry of Information, Technology, and Communications of Colombia and The Colombian Chamber for Informatics and Telecommunications (CCTI). The University of Los Andes has also provided support and collaboration.

Through the Forum and the third Cyberdrill we aimed to encourage cooperation between National CIRTs of the region, to provide capacity building, and to offer scenarios for the analysis of real cases of cyberattacks to inspire teamwork and to improve the incident response effectiveness of the teams. The Forum established an agreement between the participating national CIRTs to ensure continuous efforts in achieving regional and global cybersecurity.

The Forum sessions discussed, among other things, the regional situation and perspectives as well as child online protection, and also gathered viewpoints of the public and private sectors, academia, etc. The Forum saw the participation of regional institutions, experts from different parts of the world, several technical sessions, and additionally the Third Cyberdrill Applied Learning for Emergency Response Team.

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