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The EJCN facilitates and enhances cooperation between competent judicial authorities by enabling the exchange of expertise, best practice and other relevant knowledge regarding the investigation and prosecution of cybercrime. The network also fosters dialogue among different actors and stakeholders that play a role in ensuring the rule of law in cyberspace.



The objective of the EJCN is to help practitioners handle the various challenges through an enhanced exchange of best practice and legal expertise, including expertise in relevant national case law.


Technological breakthroughs in the past few years have brought a wealth of positive societal developments. However, criminals also exploit the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that know no borders, either physical or virtual, cause serious harm and pose real threats to victims worldwide. National authorities are increasingly taking measures to combat the growing threat of cybercrime in Europe. The legal frameworks and investigative powers available to prosecutors often no longer correspond to the rapidly changing technical environment surrounding this threat. Prosecutors and judges in all EU Member States are therefore often confronted with the same new legal problems and gray areas, such as the limits of access to cloud data and direct cooperation with service providers and other private parties that hold most of the electronic evidence on which criminal investigations depend.


Outcomes from the latest meeting include talks regarding metaverse, joint investigation teams for cybercrime, spontaneous information in relation to art. 26. of the Budapest Convention and cooperation with crypto assets service providers.



14th Plenary Meeting, 15 – 16 June 2023

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