LAC4 is a regional cybersecurity competence centre with a physical facility in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. LAC4 offers trainings and consultations for the whole LAC region, covering incident response, strategy implementation, national risk assessments, exercises and more. The centre was officially opened in 2022.



EU CyberNet provides enduring lead support to the establishment and operationalisation of the regional training centre LAC4 that serves as a focal point for sharing EU’s collective expertise, building up local capacity, facilitating collaboration on joint projects and actions, and promoting the benefits of an open, free and inclusive cyberspace.

The Centre focuses its activities on cybersecurity, cybercrime and digital security, including security aspects of digital society and digital ecosystems. The principle target groups for the Centre’s training activities are national cybersecurity organisations and critical information infrastructure operators in both public and private sectors. The LAC4 offers trainings both at strategic/policy and technical levels.


Latin America and Caribbean Cyber Competence Centre LAC4 is implemented by EU CyberNet and funded by the European Union, established in 2022 with the physical training facility in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.

LAC4 is a:

  • state-of-the-art hybrid training facility, digital forensics lab and cyber range;
  • capacity to develop and provide technical, policy and strategic level courses and simulation;
  • platform for doctrine development and research coordination;
  • channel to cyber capacity building projects, training modules and materials developed in the EU.

The LAC4 trainings will address:

  • cybersecurity awareness;
  • cyber emergency management and crisis response;
  • National Cybersecurity Strategies’ implementation;
  • nation-wide cyber risk assessment;
  • information security; and
  • cybersecurity exercises.


Planned activities include national and regional seminars (online and in-person) based on train-the-trainer principles, consultations, conferences and exercises.

As of end of 2022, the LAC4 has conducted the following activities:

Past and future activities can be visited here.

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