E-Services as Response to Covid-19

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Cybil code: G0957

Status: Finished

From: Jan 2021

To: Dec 2023




Boris Rebić


The EU-funded project “E-services and digital infrastructure as COVID-19 response measure” supports the development of digital public administration and platforms, electronic portals, and the development of e-services of the highest complexity for both citizens and businesses on both central and local levels.


The digital transformation of the public administration entails the development of a set of complex software systems and upgrading the existing ones while removing malfunctions and enabling the efficient and rapid response to citizens’/businesses’ needs in the provision of public e-services.


The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of citizens and businesses about the importance and benefits of digital services and tools, enabling them to participate in creating those that are necessary to meet their needs.


  • Result area 1: Enhance digitalization of the public administration through the development of platforms and complex e-services.
  • Result area 2: Establish an efficient and sustainable integrated system of simplified electronic procedures for citizens and businesses.
  • Result area 3: Improve data protection and digital inclusion of public institutions.


The activities are designed to be implemented in cooperation and consultation between MPA and UNDP since most activities are related to the development of the complex (sub)systems that should become the backbone of the digital ecosystem in the country.

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