Cyber Stability Games

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Cybil code: G0834

Status: Ongoing

From: Oct 2021








‘Cyber Stability Games’ is a capacity-building exercise organised by Kaspersky and DiploFoundation to help professionals without a technical background to learn about the complexities of technical attribution.



This capacity building exercise organized in the interactive game training format aims to assist diplomats and all non-technical cyber professionals to learn the complexities of technical attribution and responding to cyber events at international level.


The terms ‘cyber’ and ‘digital’ are not the favorite among diplomats. Yet, cyber and digital issues increasingly dominate the international agenda. A miscalculation could easily lead to the escalation of tensions between countries. Cyber-diplomats thus need to understand the technology that underpins our modern society,

The Cyber Stability Games, which are based on Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS), places players in a simulated environment where participants face a series of unexpected cyberthreats while trying to maintain confidence. KIPS, as a ‘detective learning exercise’, teaches players to build a cyber-defence strategy by offering them choices from best proactive and reactive available controls.


The project will ensure that non-technical personnel and diplomats in the governmental and international organisations realise the basics of how to prevent, evaluate and respond to threats in the cyberspace.

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