Cyber Fusion Centre


GFCE Code: G0061

Status: Ongoing

From: Jan 2014



Themes & Topics




INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI)

Cyber Defense Institute, Kaspersky Lab, LAC, NEC, SECOM, Trend Micro, the University of South Australia and the University of Waikato in New Zealand already based at the IG

Target country:
Interpol member states

Target groups:
Law enforcement

Thematic focus:

Aims / objectives:
provide a neutral, global platform for law enforcement, the private sector and academia to work collaboratively, sharing actionable threat information and developing operational responses
The agreement will formalize and broaden joint efforts in cyber security through intelligence sharing, training and awareness about cyber threats mitigation, and provide actionable recommendations for public and private institutions on strengthening their cyber resilience
The Cyber Fusion Centre (CFC) is a multi-stakeholder environment bringing together law enforcement specialists and industry experts. The CFC uses innovative techniques to make full use of all information available to generate actionable intelligence capable of impacting upon criminal cyber activity in member countries.

The CFC supplies the expertise and infrastructure to manage and facilitate support to dynamic cyber operational activity.
CFC functions in collaboration with the DIS unit and member countries to coordinate and deliver operational activity.

Staff working full-time alongside police and other experts in INTERPOL’s Cyber Fusion Centre to enable effective information-sharing and response to imminent threats.

since 2014

For more information see INTERPOL website

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