CMM Review Switzerland (as part of GCSCC Research and CMM Reviews with EU Partnering)

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Cybil code: G0517

Status: Finished

From: Nov 2019

To: Jun 2020





Carolin Weisser Harris


The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (GCSCC) undertook a review of the maturity of cybersecurity capacity in Switzerland at the invitation of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Federal Department of Finance. The objective of this review was to enable Switzerland to gain an understanding of its cybersecurity capacity in order to strategically prioritise investment in cybersecurity capabilities.


Over the period 19–22 November 2019, the following stakeholders participated in roundtable consultations: academia, criminal justice, law enforcement, information technology officers and representatives from public sector entities, critical infrastructure owners, federal and local crisis managers, policy makers, information technology officers from the government and the private sector (including financial institutions), telecommunications companies, the banking sector as well as international partners. Due to the continuous structural evolvement of cybersecurity-related entities within the federal administration and beyond, however, no single date for timeliness of data can be provided for this report. The data reflected in the report has been collected from November 2019 to May 2020 and the report was published in November 2020

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