Bhutan: Advisory Support on National Cyber Security Strategy Development and CII Protection

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The World Bank, supported by the cyber security multi-donor trust fund, has selected the firm NRD Cyber Security to enhance the Bank’s efforts in providing technical assistance to the Government of Kingdom of Bhutan in finalising a revised and updated draft of their first National Cybersecurity Strategy as well as defining the criteria and identification for the Critical Information Infrastructure.



The project is dedicated to provide advisory support to BtCIRT in two key areas:

  • Developing a final proposed draft of the national cyber security strategy, and development of an action plan for implementation (by carrying out prioritization and diagnostic activities as well as providing advice on consolidating an updated draft strategy and Action plan).
  • Identification of proposed list of CII operators, and development of an action plan for the Government’s consideration to proceed with subsequent steps to develop a robust CII protection program.


These activities will serve to build a solid foundation for mitigating the risks that come with Bhutan’s ambitious plans to advance digital transformation. Good efforts to strengthen cyber security have been made by the Bhutan Computer Incident Response Team (BtCIRT) over the years, but it remains a small department consisting of a few staff and with limited institutional capacity.

At the end of the project, final report will also be prepared and the final workshop for the Government of Bhutan’s officials will be delivered.



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