CMM Review Brazil (as part of the Digital Access Programme: Trust & Resilience)

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In March 2018, the following stakeholders participated in this CMM review: criminal justice, law enforcement, the defence community, information-technology officers and representatives from public-sector entities, critical infrastructure owners, policy makers, computer emergency response teams, information-technology officers from the private sector (including financial institutions), telecommunications companies, the banking sector and international partners.

The GCSCC researchers visited Brasilia once again a year later to validate the 2018 results and to update the draft of the Cybersecurity Capacity Review report accordingly. The data-collection methodology used in March 2019 was similar to the methodology used the year before. Stakeholders participating in the focus-group interviews included representatives from academia, critical national infrastructure operators, telecommunication providers and other private sector entities, government ministries, the judiciary, law enforcement, the defence community, the financial sector, computer emergency response teams (CERTs), the media, the private sector and civil society. After another phase for comments in early 2020, the final report was launched in August 2020 and is for download in English and Spanish.

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