Capacity Building for Southern African States on International Cyber Diplomacy, Law and Norms

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Delivering a 5-day online course on International Cyber Diplomacy, Law and Norms to government officials from the SADC region.



The proposed certificate program provides participants with an overview of the normative framework of responsible state behaviour promulgated by the UN, coupled with a more detailed analysis of specific issue areas, including those relevant to the Southern African region and the African Continent. Lessons will familiarize participants with the concrete multilateral processes ongoing at the UN, as well as other relevant cybersecurity and cyberdiplomacy issues and challenges through a combination of lectures, interactive discussions and relevant case studies. The impacts on human rights will be emphasized throughout the course. The course will contribute to a better understanding of the controversies and challenges that dominate the current international dialogues on cybersecurity, and will prepare Southern African governmental officials to participate more effectively in these dialogues.


Ongoing discussions at the multilateral level are considering matters important to international security that are taking place in cyberspace. Traditionally, these discussions have been dominated by a few developed countries. This course aims to “level the playing field” by building capacities of governmental officials and diplomatic officials in southern African states who will be participating in these multilateral discussions particularly within the United Nations’ First Committee, but also outside of the United Nations.


The course will take place over 5 days with online lectures of 120 minutes.

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