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13 - 17 Nov 2023

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (the)

CyberWeek @LAC4 2023

This year CyberWeek at the Latin America and Caribbean Cyber Competence Centre (LAC4) will focus on CSIRT Technical and Operational Development for the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

This event will provide a platform for fostering collaboration, enhancing technical capabilities, and strengthening operational frameworks within the regional CSIRT community.

Cyber Week @ LAC4 is designed for professionals and stakeholders involved in CSIRT operations from the Americas, the EU and other like-minded countries.

18 - 19 Oct, 2023

Nassau, Bahamas (the)

OAS Cyber Symposium 2023

The Organization of American States (OAS) is holding a two-day Cyber Symposium on "Navigating the Future: Embracing Emerging Tech and Enabling Cyber Resilience".

28 - 31 May 2024

Tallinn, Estonia

CyCon the 16th International Conference on Cyber Conflict

The annual International Conference on Cyber Conflict, CyCon, hosted by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence addresses the most relevant issues concerning the cyber defence community.

This multidisciplinary conference and community-building event, connects practitioners with academia, government and military with industry, early career professionals and senior managers.

Decision-makers, opinion-leaders, law and technology experts of nearly 50 countries meet at CyCon to address current cyber security challenges in an interdisciplinary manner.

23 - 24 Oct 2023

Florence , Italy

Building cyber capacity with the Global South: High Level Dialogue

The conference of the project 'Cyber Resilience for Development (Cyber4Dev)' explores the multiple dimensions of cybersecurity capacity building and the role of the EU in supporting this global effort.

This Symposium and Final Conference of Cyber Resilience for Development (Cyber4Dev) will bring together the expertise of governmental representatives from Africa, Latin America, and Asia, along with representatives of EU institutions, implementing partners, key international organizations, and the academic community working on strengthening cyber capacity building, South-South, and triangular cooperation.

2 - 4 Oct 2023

Nadi, Fiji

Pacific Cyber Capacity Building and Coordination Conference (P4C)

A first of its kind, the conference will provide an opportunity for key international stakeholders to learn first-hand about the Pacific’s unique cybersecurity needs and priorities, as articulated by the Pacific.

The conference’s various sessions and workshops will explore best practice cyber governance, Pacific perspectives on regional CCB, and methods to improve CCB operational results.

Drawing on regional expertise, the P4C will ensure future CCB efforts are designed in the context of the Pacific and contribute to established regional objectives.

16 - 19 Oct, 2023

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) 2023

The 8th Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) is taking place from 16 to 19 October 2023. The theme of this year’s SICW is “Building Trust and Security in the Emerging Digital Order”. It will explore the impact of digital developments on the global multilateral order, and how security can be developed to enable trust in the digital and cyber space. Key SICW 2023 events include the SICW Summit, the SICW Ministerial Roundtables, and a series of SICW Sessions focusing on diverse cybersecurity policy, operational, technical and diplomacy topics. The SICW will also hold the closed-door ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity and Special Session for our ASEAN and Dialogue Partners.

29 Jan - 9 Feb 2024

New York, United States

Concluding Session Ad-hoc Committee on Cybercrime – New York

6 - 7 Dec 2023

Brussels, Belgium

Closing the Gap Conference 2023

The EU Cyber Diplomacy Initiative – EU Cyber Direct is joining forces with research institutions and civil society organisations around the world to organize the third edition of the Closing the Gap Conference.

This two-day, in-person, conference aims to explore regional perspectives on emerging and disruptive digital technologies. The motivation for this thematic focus is threefold:

1. To de-center approaches to emerging and disruptive digital technologies that have largely been Western/European-centric;
2. To explore the diversity of interpretations regarding associated challenges and opportunities:
3. To enrich the state of the art with novel research ideas, theoretical insights, and empirical case studies.

The conference aims to bring to the fore a variety of perspectives, ideas, and mechanisms from different disciplines to inform policymakers, cyber diplomats and academics, as well as contribute to evidence-based policymaking. Scholars are welcomed from fields as diverse as international relations, security studies, political science, law, behavioural science, computer science, science and technology studies, sociology, and communication studies.

10 - 11 Nov 2023

Paris, France

Paris Peace Forum 2023

The Paris Peace Forum hosts an annual gathering of world leaders and heads of international organisations, as well as leaders from civil society and private sectors and participants from around the globe, to collaborate and discuss forms of collective action and global governance.

The program is yet to be published.

8 - 12 Oct 2023

Kyoto, Japan

18th Annual Internet Governance Forum Meeting

The Internet Governance Forum is back to discuss the overarching theme: The Internet We Want - Empowering All People.

Thematic issues within the 18th annual IGF programme will cover the following sub-themes: AI & Emerging Technologies; Avoiding Internet Fragmentation; Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety; Data Governance & Trust; Digital Divides & Inclusion; Global Digital Governance & Cooperation; Human Rights & Freedoms; Sustainability & Environment.

7 - 8 Nov 2023

The Hague, Netherlands (the)

2023 Conference on International Cyber Security: War and Peace. Conflict, Behaviour and Diplomacy in Cyberspace

This is the second annual academic conference of The Hague Program on International Cyber Security, which continues the proud tradition of the annual conferences of The Hague Program for Cyber Norms.

In this 2023 Conference, the focus of the discussion is on cyber war and peace. How are the grand concepts of war and peace shaping and being shaped by digital technologies? What is cyber conflict, and what is conflict with a cyber dimension? How does the under- or unregulated grey zone of cyber operations influence stability, conflict and peace in cyberspace and beyond? How is the very existence of another domain of conflict shaping traditional thinking about grand strategy and military planning? How do the rising geo-economic tensions between digital economies and in global supply chains translate into international relations between states? How are private actors who develop or share such technologies navigating such turbulence? What are the challenges of negotiating diplomatic solutions for cyberspace in a world with a rising political temperature and a declining faith in multilateral solutions for global problems?

29 - 30 November 2023

Accra, Ghana

Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (GC3B) 2023: “Cyber Resilience for Development”

The inaugural Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (#GC3B), co-organized by the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE), the World Bank (WB), the CyberPeace Institute, and the World Economic Forum (WEF), will take place in Accra (Ghana) on the 29th-30th November 2023 under the theme “Cyber Resilience for Development.”

Built upon four pillars – (1) Cyber Resilience for Development; (2) Collaboration to Secure the Digital Ecosystem; (3) Cyber Capacity Building for the Stability and Security of the Digital Environment; and (4) Solutions for Safeguarding Development from Digital Risks and Threats – the conference seeks to bring together decision-makers from around the world to catalyze action on mainstreaming cybersecurity, resilience, and cyber capacity building (#CCB) within the international development agenda. It also aims to raise awareness of how cybersecurity and resilience are an integral part of digital, social, and economic development as well as critical to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs).

The first-annual GC3B is anticipated to:

• Develop a demand-driven and international Global Cyber Capacity Building Agenda for cyber resilient development;
• Enhance CCB efforts by accelerating current multi-stakeholder cooperation and public-private partnerships;
• Mobilize global action, promote coordination mechanisms for CCB at the global and regional levels, and encourage funding of CCB;
• Advance good practices and tools for the protection of critical infrastructure; and
• Showcase examples from developing countries, particularly across the Global South, that have effectively incorporated cybersecurity and resilience into their development strategies and infrastructure projects and successfully coordinated external CCB funding and activities.

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