Institute for Security and Technology (IST)

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The Institute for Security and Technology (IST) builds solutions to enhance the security of the global commons. Their goal is to provide the tools and insights needed for companies and governments to outpace emerging global security threats. Their integrated approach consists of three pillars.

  1. In the Policy Lab, cutting edge research and analysis produces policy recommendations and implementation strategies on emerging global security issues. From cybersecurity and information warfare; the impact of technology on democracy and human security; nuclear security; to the role that machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies play in shaping national security policy – IST examines, analyses, and provides recommendations to both policy makers and technology leaders by understanding the intricacies of the intersection between tech and the national security community.
  2. Through Tech Works, tangible solutions are created out of the analysis and recommendations from the Policy Lab, by bringing both the national security and technology community together to prototype, ideate, and spin out technical solutions to solve challenges.
  3. The Network for Global Security exists to bring disparate communities to engage and to provide physical, virtual, and trustworthy spaces to come together to solve wicked challenges.