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BI.ZONE — expert in strategic management of digital risks.

We ensure a safe environment for your digital development.

From start-up to corporation, we help organisations around the world to develop their business safely in the digital age. For small budgets we offer simple and automated solutions, for small teams we provide outsourcing, and for complex projects we prepare individual strategies based on 40+ of our own services and products. We can assess your current level of risk, propose measures for improvement and optimisation, train your employees on working in the digital environment and provide round-the-clock support to your company.

Since the foundation of BI.ZONE in 2016, we have implemented over 700 projects in finance, telecommunications, energy, aviation and many others. Our experts have been certified by world-class authorities, and we cooperate with a number of international organisations such as the World Economic Forum, INTERPOL, SWIFT, CREST, Cyber Peace Institute and others.