The DG NEAR-led work from home initiative aimed to assess e-government and cyber security challenges faced by beneficiary and partner countries during COVID-19. It gathered insights through questionnaires filled by country representatives. The initiative identified immediate needs for better preparedness and will shape EU assistance programs. The resulting report highlights pre-crisis conditions, COVID-19 challenges, mitigation measures, and offers recommendations for future TAIEX interventions.



The work from home initiative led by DG NEAR was designed to gain an understanding of the issues encountered with platforms and systems related to e-government and cyber security, faced by all our beneficiary and partner countries in ENPI EAST, ENPI SOUTH and IPA during the COVID-19 crises and and measures taken to mitigate these problems.


COVID-19 placed many challenges also in regard to cyber security. This inititive aimed to assess e-government and cyber security challenges faced by beneficiary and partner countries


As the result, this initiative provided a snapshot of the immediate needs to assist them to be better prepared in case the same or a similar situation arises again.


eGA experts drafted a comprehensive report that compared the above matters by region and identified, where possible, lessons learned and best practices in the process of crisis management. The report provided an overview of the situation in the e-government and cyber security sector pre-crisis, describes the e-government and cyber security issues faced during the COVID-19 crisis and measures taken to mitigate these issues, addresses the remaining shortcomings in the field of e-government and cyber security and provides suggestions for possible future TAIEX interventions.The results were used to shape future EU assistance programs.

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