Strengthening Justice and Security Sector capacities to effectively prevent, identify and prosecute cybercrime (PHASE 2)

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The project is intended at strengthening justice and security sector capacities in Central America to prevent, identify and prosecute cybercrime. Four intermediate outcomes will be implemented as its main components, to address identified needs.



This project seeks to strengthen the Central American justice and security sector capacities to prevent, identify and prosecute cybercrime, transnational organized crime and associated casework through digital evidence.


To address needs, this project will implement four (4) intermediate outcomes as its main components;

  • Cyber-enabled and cyber-dependent crimes have a legal framework to be better prosecuted and judged,
  • Authorities effectively investigate, prosecute and adjudicate cybercrime and cyber-enabled offenses, including through the use of special investigation techniques,
  • Citizens increase awareness of the threats posed by cybercrime and take steps to prevent and report related offenses,
  • Authorities efficiently cooperate with other international stakeholders in Cyber-related matters.


The outcomes will strengthen the legitimacy of the Guatemalan and Salvadoran institutions, while establishing strong basis for the work of Honduran and Belizean institutions. The aid provided to these countries, will ensure the sustainability of this project’s interventions resulting in a strong overall action against cybercrime.

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