Coordinated by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this multi-stakeholder project implemented by ORF America, ran for 2,5 years and focused on countries within the ASEAN, Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, Western Balkans, Southern Africa regions.



This project aims at supporting regional and national cybersecurity strategies and capacity building and to facilitate regional dialogue on cybersecurity, cybercrime and cyberdiplomacy.


The project developed a series of regional “cyber policy dialogues” in the various beneficiary regions.


  • Global Cyber Policy Dialogues – Southeast Asia (Singapore) – 6 August 20202: This discussion-driven meeting included participants representing governments, businesses, civil society organizations and universities from across Southeast Asia. The meeting opened with presentations on emerging technologies, international norms processes and capacity building all in the context of Southeast Asia.
  • Global Cyber Policy Dialogues – Western Balkans (North Macedonia) – 15 April 2021: The event was organized to further discussions around building capacity in the Western Balkans to address key cyber challenges related to peace and security, cybersecurity and cyber crime, and information disorder.
  • Global Cyber Policy Dialogues – Middle East & North Africa (Amman, Jordan) – 23 February 2022: The meeting focused on three interrelated topics: norms of state behavior in cyberspace, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure, and digital development and transformation. In each of these areas, aspects of implementation of national policies, regional cooperation, and capacity building were examined as well as their interlinkages.
  • Global Cyber Policy Dialogues – Southern Africa (Pretoria, South Africa) – 31 October to 1 November 2022: The two-day meeting, which built on discussions from the 2020 and 2021 virtual dialogue, focused on improving the security and stability of cyberspace, and promoting digital transformation and public-private partnerships in the region.
  • Global Cyber Policy Dialogues – Latin America and The Caribbean (Santiago, Chile) – 13 to 14 December 2022: The event, which built on discussions from a January 2022 virtual dialogue, focused on improving the security and stability of cyberspace and digital transformation in the region, with a focus toward the United Nations processes.

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