This project focuses on Confidence Building Measures (CBM), specifically on crisis communication procedures, crisis management and the classification of information communication technology (ICT) incidents in terms of the scale and seriousness of the incident. Additionally, it aims at raising the implementation rate of the OSCE cyber/ICT CBMs incidents through providing support in developing national cyber incident severity scales (NCISS).



OSCE wants to create a practical guidance for NCISS development and implementation. Increase the awareness among participating states about the features and benefits of NCISS with particular emphasis on critical infrastructure protection.


Current efforts by the OSCE Secretariat aim at raising the implementation rate of all CBMs. Given that the overall success of the cyber/ICT CBM process is heavily dependent on an increased average implementation rate, increased focus on successful and effective implementation is key.


  • Conducting and analysing a survey on the conditions of using NCISS.
  • Hold good practices exchange workshops
  • Consult with international stakeholders on good practices to identify effective means to prepare and design country NCISS trainings.
  • Evaluating OSCE NCISS capacity building efforts and developing a NCISS development and implementation handbook.

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