EuroCC project (Horizon 2020) aimed to establish and run a network of 33 NCCs across the EuroHPC Participating States. NCCs act as national hubs to map HPC/HPDA/AI competences, develop expertise and services, and facilitate access to European supercomputers for the SMEs, industry, academia and public administration. EuroCC2 project (Digital Europe) continues to develop HPC/HPDA/AI competences, capacities and collaboration to expand HPC user base in private and public sector.



The aim of EuroCC2 is to establish and run a network of 34 NCCs across the EuroHPC Participating States. The NCCs act as single points of access in each country between national stakeholders and EuroHPC systems. NCCs operate on national and regional level to interact with local community, in particular SMEs, map HPC competencies and facilitate access to European HPC resources for users from the private and public sector. The main goal of the EuropCC2 is promoting HPC to boost digital skills, jobs and industrial competitiveness in Europe

EuroCC2 addresses and contributes well to the EuroHPC long-term strategy of strengthening Europe and its nations in the HPC+ competence area and provides the foundation for innovations and world leadership in the development and utilisation of HPC and related technologies.


EuroCC2 will continue to support the NCCs in facilitation of uptake of HPC by different users (academia, industry, public administration) with a particular focus on success stories from SMEs and industry. EuroCC2 delivers HPC/HPDA/AI related trainings, competence maps and service portfolio including consultancy, expert support, and access to hardware, computation and storage, and enhance cross-NCCs collaboration. EuroCC2 supports the adoption of HPC services in other related fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), high performance data analytics (HPDA), and quantum computing to expand the HPC user base across Europe.

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