With availability and use of Internet expanding in the Pacific region, citizens’ expectations of government services are increasing. Greater knowledge and information empower citizens in their demand for good governance and effective service delivery. Greater internet connectivity also provides governments with opportunities to deliver to people in areas otherwise overlooked due to geographical or communication constraints.


In May 2017, officials from Solomon Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga participated in the Tallinn e-Governance Conference. This project aimed to harness the potential for growth of e-governance in the region. It also addressed objectives outlined in the Pacific Regional ICT Strategic Action Plan. Participants would benefit from exposure to good practices and examples of e-governance development in third countries. At the same time, participants would be provided with the opportunity to share and discuss with countries in the region in order to find synergies and establish creative and enduring partnerships.


The objectives of this project were to:

  • encourage the use of digital technologies by government in enabling the achievement of sustainable development goals;
  • enhance abilities to define, develop, implement and resource roadmaps on e-governance;
  • enable governments to engage (institutional) donors, investors and other service support providers by fostering enduring and creative public-private partnerships.


Activity #1, regional workshop, October 2018

Activity #2, bilateral follow-up missions, January-June 2019

Activity #3, regional workshop, October 2019

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