Cybersecurity and Sustainable Development: An Intersectional Analysis

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Cybil code: G0875

Status: Unknown

To: Aug 2022




To determine the significance of cybersecurity in the 2030 Agenda and to identify Oceania Cyber Security Centre’s (OCSC) role in accomplishing the goals, the OCSC has performed a thematic analysis of the SDG Global Indicator Framework and the Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations (CMM). In doing so, it has established how the CMM helps to fulfil the SDGs.



The aim of this project was to understand the critical link between Cybersecurity Capacity Building and the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Sustainable Development Goals identify the international community’s shared development objectives and benchmark sustainable development progress. How the SDGs are accomplished are set out in the 169 targets of the Global Indicator Framework for the Sustainable Development Goals, which measure advancements towards the goals and track accountability.

Through the deployment of the Cybersecurity Capacity Maturity Model for Nations (CMM) the Oceania Cyber Security Centre is working to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensure the longevity of digital technologies in the Indo-Pacific region. The successful implementation of the SDG indicators relies on the wide-spread adoption of effective digital technologies. Accordingly ensuring adequate cybersecurity is often an underappreciated aspect of achieving the goals and each SDG stands to benefit from greater digital uptake and resilience.


The project found that cybersecurity capacity building through the CMM helps advance all five areas of the SDGs: peace, prosperity, people, the planet, and partnerships.


As a result of this project, the OCSC produced the following report:

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