Get Safe Online is dedicated to providing individuals, businesses and communities with free, impartial, expert and practical advice on how to protect themselves, their computers and mobile devices from cyber risks such as fraud, identity theft, viruses and other problems encountered online.



To help citizens in recipient countries to increase their awareness about the risks of the internet and their understanding about how to protect themselves from these risks.


The project has been funded by the UK Government specifically the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office through their Conflict, Stability and Security Fund.

Get Safe Online works in partnership with the Governments of recipient countries, the British High Commissions in these countries and also other organisations around the world involved with cyber security.  The recipient countries also have a community of Ambassadors and Advocates working on behalf of Get Safe Online.


The intended outcome of the project is to help protect citizens in the recipient countries from cybercrime and to ensure that they stay safe with everything that they do online such as shopping, business transactions, gaming and dating.


Get Safe Online has developed dedicated websites for each of its recipient countries which provide free, authoritative and practical information and advice from online safety experts.  These websites have also been translated into local indigenous languages where needed.

Get Safe Online will be launching monthly themed campaigns in its recipient countries on topics such as online respect, data protection and financial scams.

Get Safe Online also runs an Ambassador Scheme in each of its recipient countries which recruits and trains local people to go out into their communities and raise awareness of online threats and the measures needed to protect citizens online.


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