Critical and Emerging Technology (CET) Standards for Safety, Security and Trade

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The project consisted of a series of seminars and masterclasses focussed on Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Advanced Manufacturing and Standards and Statecraft with the aim of accelerating the development, adoption and use of recognised international standards for Critical and Emerging Technology (CET) within the ASEAN region.



The goal of the project was to build knowledge and practical skills that accelerate development, adoption and use of recognised international standards for CET within the ASEAN region.


Critical technologies are current and emerging technologies with the capacity to significantly enhance or pose risk to our national interest. These technologies affect all facets of international relations, including Australia’s national security, economic security, the protection and realisation of human rights and freedoms, sustainable development and international peace and stability.

As a result of the growing interest in this area, there is a need to build knowledge and share best practice processes nationally and internationally.


158 participants attended the event on 25-28 October 202, including local and international experts, standards developers, policymakers and regulators.


From 25-28 October 2021, Standards Australia, in partnership with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), hosted a four-day virtual event centred on Critical and Emerging Technologies (CET): ‘Incubating Capacity for Critical and Emerging Technology Standards’. Alongside the learning sessions, participants were also offered networking opportunities that connected key stakeholders, national standards bodies, digital policymakers, and businesses across the ASEAN region. The event hosted 26 speakers, from 13 countries, including policymakers, technical experts and standards development leaders.

The agenda of the event was:

  • Day 1 – Artificial Intelligence
  • Day 2 – Smart Cities
  • Day 3 – Advanced Manufacturing
  • Day 4 – Standards and Statecraft


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