Consultancy service to undertake a detailed pre-investments study for the Lesotho E-Government Infrastructure Project

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The main objectives of the project were the following:
– Review the technology choices proposed for the upgrading of the government fibre network connecting ministries and data centres; strengthening of Data Centres (DCs); government E-Portal platform; and training equipment and video conference facilities.
– Undertake a detailed project design and specifications of the entire upgraded core government network infrastructure; security requirements, renovations and equipment (IT and power) for the three data centres, national government e-Portal platform connecting all ministries and required renovations, furniture and equipment for the training labs and video conference facilities.
– Prepare bid documents including Request for Proposals (RPFs) and draft contracts for the downstream consultancy services as per the project procurement plan.


The key activities of the project were:
– Strengthening of core government controlled fibre network infrastructure which required optimizing an existing metropolitan fibre network linking ministries and the data centres, improving bandwidth access to submarine cable systems for e-Government services, and extending ICT coverage to four selected rural areas under the Universal Access Program.
– Strengthening of existing data centres which included equipment and software upgrades, as well as improvement in the operations of the data centre.
– Improvement of a Government portal providing access to government services for the benefit of all citizens.
– Skills development program to and support access to government services.

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