CIRT Readiness Assessment Guyana

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This ITU project conducted a CIRT Readiness Assessment that was completed in March 2021 and followed this with capacity building assistance to the CIRT



The aim of the project was to support the development of a Guyana CIRT through a readiness assessment and follow-on capacity building assistance.


CIRT.GY is the public brand of the Guyana National Computer Incident Response Team (GNCIRT). The Government of Guyana approved the formation of this team in a January 2013 cabinet decision. The team initially functioned as a unit within the Ministry of Home Affairs until September 30, 2016. Guyana National CIRT is now under the purview of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) within the Office of the Prime Minister.


The outputs of the project included a CIRT Readiness Assessment completed in March 2021 plus the capacity building to be provided in November 2022.


The CIRT Readiness Assessment included several online discussion sessions and questionnaires deployed and completed in online format in March 2021, plus the onsite capacity building deployed onsite in November 2022.

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