The ASCCE-UK Digital Diplomacy Course is a project covering training on digital discussions for international policy makers from the ASEAN region.



The Digital Diplomacy Course aims to deliver an entry-level curriculum to help develop and equip international policy makers from ASEAN Member States specialising in digital and technology issues, including cyber to identify national interests in cyber, digital and technology issues and better represent their country’s viewpoint in international discussions.


The UK and Singapore jointly deliver the course as part of the ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (ASCCE)’s curriculum for ASEAN Member States.


To improve partner countries’ capability and capacity to engage to identify national interests in cyber, digital and technology issues, and better able to represent their country’s viewpoints in international discussions. Key topics includes (a) the origins and implications of the internet; (b) malicious actors, responsible state behaviour and combatting cybercrime; (c) emerging technology and online content; and (d) international diplomacy in cyber, digital and technology.


At the end of the Course, participants could:

  • Describe the evolution of cyberspace and how it has impacted national interests and international discussions on cyber, digital and technology issues.
  • Provide an overview of the key cyber, digital and technology issues being discussed in international fora today in order to be better prepared to represent their country interests.
  • Gain a perspective on why countries have differing views on these issues and how these may translate to individual partner country context.


The programme included a mix of lectures from cyber experts and group exercises.

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