Within the Department of Information Security, the Information Security Group (ISG) of the Royal Holloway University of London acts as one of the largest academic information security teams in the world. The ISG is a world-leading interdisciplinary research group dedicated to research and education in the area of information (cyber) security.

The ISG comprises around twenty-five full-time academic faculty members, including a mix of computer scientists, mathematicians and social scientists. They are supported by visiting academics, research assistants and a large number of research students. It has been awarded a Gold Award from the Royal Holloway Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research in cybersecurity education. Royal Holloway is additionally recognised as a UK Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR).

Today the ISG continues to attract some of the best minds in the world working in the field of cyber security, helping to shape the National Cyber Security Strategy and develop the talent and services of tomorrow.