Liberia – Liberia Cyber Crime Prevention and Mitigation Agency (LCCPMA)

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Group: African Union


Group: GFCE Partner

Parent actor: Liberia

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The Liberia Cyber Crime Prevention and Mitigation Agency (LCCPMA) is a Non Governmental Agency established 2019 to provide cyber security and digital forensics education to the Government and people of Liberia. The Agency was accredited by the Ministry of Justice to implement its mandate in the areas of supporting Government and Private entities initiatives in the fields of cyber security and digital forensics.

LCCPMA’s Mission is to enhance the ability of public and private institutions within the Republic of Liberia ability to prevent and mitigate cybercrimes through policies formulations, training, and awareness. And also use a proactive technique to provide cyber and digital forensics training.

LCCPM has the mandate to provide cyber security education, create a safer cyber environment for citizens to interact, provide technical assistant to judicial and law enforcement entities, develop standards and strategies to combat cyber risks, conduct cyber crime assessments and provide cyber defensive capabilities to the general business communities.