ITU Arab Regional Office

The Arab Regional Office in Egypt was established in 1991.
It serves 22 Member States, ITU Sector Members, and Associates in the Arab region.

The Arab Regional Office provides the support to Member States under several activities through consultancy, training courses, workshops, studies, regional conferences, seminars, pilot projects, direct assistance and other special partnerships, which the Union undertakes specially in the following fields:

  • ¬†Foster international cooperation on telecommunication/ICT development issues.
  • Foster an enabling environment conducive to ICT development and foster the deployment of telecommunication/ICT networks as well as relevant applications and services, including bridging the standardization gap.
  • Enhance confidence and security in the use of telecommunications/ICTs, and roll-out of relevant applications and services.
  • Build human and institutional capacity, provide data and statistics, promote digital inclusion and provide concentrated assistance to countries in special need.
  • Enhance environmental protection, climate-change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster-management efforts through telecommunications/ICTs.
  • Assist Member States in the development process by using the applications of ICT (Communications and Information Technology) in several areas such as health and education.
  • In addition to many other areas, including the Arabic digital content to support and measuring the information society in the Arab countries, support the open source software, support the women and persons with disabilities in the use of Telecommunications and Information Technology.