CYbersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN)

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CyAN stands for Cybersecurity Advisors Network. Based in Paris, France, CyAN is an international not-for-profit association established in 2015, that aims to strengthen cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime through a multi-disciplinary approach based on mutual trust among its members and on complementarity of their profiles and experiences. CyAN is a think tank that contributes to the definition, development, distribution and publication of concepts, doctrines and standards in line with its ambitions in favour of a safer world. It shall be a source of proposals towards national public authorities and international institutions on issues related to cybersecurity and fight against cybercrime (legislative and regulatory developments, partnership, establishment of best practices). CyAN members have extensive experience in capacity building project on cybersecurity and against cybercrime, through programs funded by international donors such as European Union (EEAS), Council of Europe and World Bank.