Cyber Academy is one of the first institutions in the SEE region that provides a hands-on program that dives deep into different subjects of technology while presenting a new learning theory, “Learn by Doing,” where the students are more focused on practical knowledge and skill development. Our primary focus is on Cybersecurity, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. Before even finishing the program, some of our students get employed. They work the full spectrum of technology all around the world, developing, designing, and maintaining systems from small businesses to state critical infrastructures. The Cyber Academy recognizes its role within the broader cybersecurity community. It is determined to maintain a STEM focus throughout the curriculum and across extended learning opportunities. We develop top-quality education curriculums that can be customized as a self-paced, virtual-led classroom or blended learning solutions that combine some or all modalities with meeting your specific business needs and course goals. Cyber Academy has been a pioneer in providing quality academic content and curriculum development with scalable solutions that can quickly adapt and suit requirements to clients worldwide.